Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities:

In these unknown times, JaxSun Properties, offers realtors the opportunity to better serve their customers. As part of the JaxSun Properties team, there is no commission fee. Realtors will only be charged a flat transaction fee, which will allow them to build better relationships with their clients.

What you will be a part of with JaxSun Properties:

As part of JaxSun Properties, you will become part of a dedicated, vibrant and growing real estate family. By joining this team, you automatically put yourself first in the consumers' minds, and associate yourself with a highly respected real estate brand. We are committed to making and keeping the JaxSun Properties brand prominent in the real estate community.

How to Find Success with JaxSun Properties:

Whether you're just starting out or making a switch from another profession, real estate provides the flexibility and freedom to set your own pace. A real estate career can be as rewarding and exciting as you choose to make it, but the company you work with can make a big difference. For goal-driven, self-motivated people, JaxSun Properties is an opportunity or a lifetime choice.